Special Events: Taking on bigger and bigger challenges!

At Échappe-Toi, we take the game of escape to another level, with a unique, immersive experience based on the history of Montreal.

Prestigious institutions regularly contact us and offer us the challenge of creating a Giant Escape Game in their location.

Perhaps you have already solved Archibald Marchemieux's secret at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts? Or freed the ghost of the cursed governor at Pointe-à-Callière?

In February-March, Échappe-toi, in collaboration with Art Souterrain, proposed the greatest immersive adventure to date, in the underground city of Montreal with Journey to the Centre of the Earth::The Forgotten City, which allowed you to (re)discover the history of Montreal with an exceptional scenario with family or friends.


Montreal Underground City - February 2020

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A specific creation process

At Echappe-Toi, the creation of scenarios follows a process close to that of video games.

It includes the drafting of a narrative based on the local culture and/or history, deliberation on the decors, the creation of the mechanisms (the ensemble of puzzles and activities), and the interactions with our actors.

All our devices (puzzles, custom furniture, and others) are designed and prototyped at Echappe-Toi with the application of industrial design techniques.

The devices are then produced on site or by specialized local artisans (wood, metal, plastic and composite materials, electronics and programming).

The sound effects and costumes are also specially created for Echappe-Toi by local artisans or a member of our team.

A partner solely dedicated to the maintenance of our escape rooms takes care of ensuring the best quality possible for your experience.