2-6 people


60 minutes

Escape the bar!

This escape game takes you to a bar in Laval that serves as a cover for diamond trafficking. It’s said to be a haven for organized crime.

You’ll have to work quickly and discreetly to prove the trafficking and arrest the perpetrators.

An Escape Game In An Underground Gambling Ring

For several years the police have been investigating the location of an illegal diamond cartel, recently narrowing it down to the city of Laval.

After arresting several people possessing illegal diamonds obtained through the black market, the police noticed that all these individuals has one thing in common: they were all frequent patrons of the same bar in downtown Laval.

They deduced that the bar must therefore be their meeting place, allowing them a discrete location to not only gamble, but safely negotiate illegal diamond transactions.

Your mission: stop by for a surprise visit to the bar an hour before it opens. You will then search for evidence to incriminate those responsible for the trafficking. Think you have what it takes to complete the mission and get out before the bar’s scheduled opening?

Your Mission

You have one hour to uncover evidence pertaining to the illegal trafficking of diamonds in this Laval bar. Will you be able to unravel the mystery within; the trafficking, the underground gambling den, the bootlegging? Can you escape with the information?

Who is this escape game aimed at?

This escape game is for everyone aged 8 and over. From 2 to 6 players. The presence of an adult is mandatory if the other players are under 15 years old.

More Info

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