2/6 people


60 minutes


25$ + taxes


22$ + taxes.

Escape from a Major League Locker Room!

This Escape Game brings you inside the locker room of a famous baseball team : The IXpos. In this escape room, you will try to revive a baseball franchise in the larger Montreal area. In order to succeed, you must squander all attempts of sabotage that will be thrown your way, even from those at the highest level. Can you pull it off?

Uncover the people trying to prevent the return of the baseball team !

For a number of years, the Montreal sports fan base has been dying to see the return of a professional baseball team.

An influential Laval businessman is fighting for the revival of the IXpos in Montreal. He quickly realises that obstacles are constantly being thrown his way ; it’s almost as if obscure forces are working against him in order to stop the team’s return. Everybody knows that in the world of sports, these sort of schemes and shenanigans are quite common.

An informant has just notified him that a secret meeting is to be held in the old locker room of the IXpos in Laval. He thus decides to hire our best agents as investigative journalists. His plan? To send that team of agents to the meeting in order to discover proof that could incriminate the people responsible for all the wheeling and dealing. The objective is to finally bring the truth to light.

That team of agents is you ! You have one hour to infiltrate the locker room and find all the proof necessary to stop the culprits.

Your mission in the locker room

Help the IXpos restore their reputation in Montreal. To do this, it is necessary to foil the plots against the return of the team. This is an escape game in which you will solve puzzles and discover hidden mechanisms, you will also have to assemble the pieces of the various puzzles that will allow you to find the locker room exit.

It will not be easy. You will only have 60 minutes! Will you be able to help the team?

Who is this escape game aimed at?

This escape game is for everyone aged 8 and over. From 2 to 6 players. The presence of an adult is mandatory if the other players are under 15 years old.

More info

Find out more on the history of baseball in Montreal and the IXpos.

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