2-6 people


60 minutes

Will you discover the secret of the penitentiary?

You too? When you were a child, you used to walk past that dark, very damaged house that everyone said was haunted? But we never dared to enter....

This is the opportunity to reverse the spell.... By venturing into the penitentiary of Saint-Vincent de Paul!

An Escape Game in a penitentiary

It closed its doors in 1989.... The Old-Pen', as the inhabitants of the district call it, with its many escapes - 20 already in 1883 -, with its fire, it was time, people couldn't take it anymore! It closed its doors in 1989.... And even today, it is closed. But no one can get in there!

An official heritage site of Canada with a guardian, and everything! But what does the guard keep? Ok, in the past, Jaques Mesrine and Richad Blass, Canada's most dangerous man, were incarcerated.... But right now, I don't know what they have to keep, there, since 1989... it's been a while! They did some work, I hear. To make movies, they say. But I don't believe it. You can hear strange noises in there.... I wonder what they're doing for experiments.

A movie set, can you believe it? Seriously, the screams you hear at night are not cinema... And you, do you really want to come in? And you think you can get out of it?

Your Mission

You have one hour to get out of the penitentiary. Will you be able not to disappear forever like all those who dared to venture into it?

Who is this escape game aimed at?

This escape game is for everyone aged 8 and over. From 2 to 6 players. The presence of an adult is mandatory if the other players are under 15 years old.

More Info

Find more information about penitentiary here. And take inspiration from those who have Jacques Mesrine!

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